Another Bad Nite

Chloe woke up again.. last nite.. at about 3.30am.. and refuses to go back to bed.. till about 4.45am.. but this time.. i am smart.. i took her outta the room.. so that her da-da can get some rest.. and i can sleep in.. when she wakes up in the morning.. so that worked out well for us.. 🙂

Her poor da-da .. i doubt he got enough sleep.. plus chloe is extremely needy in the morning.. so he can’t do alot when she is awake in the morning. So when i got up.. i did the bottles.. the dishes from breakfast.. and while her da-da was in the washroom.. i fed her cereal.. and then bathed her on my own.. while da-da did the recycles.. because ma-ma hates messes.

Chloe was pretty good at the store.. and i was glad she was good. because it was raining today.. and i had to continous mopped the floor and throw out buckets of water.. for the front door is still leaking.. although we tried various ways to find where the leak came from, till we gave up.

And it is not even 9pm now.. and chloe is already sleeping.. i hope she don’t wake up like she did .. because we’ve gotta open the store tomorrow, so i am keeping my fingers crossed .. real hard.

Store did good today too.. considering it was raining the whole day.

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