Another Milestone for Chloe

Chloe grab my hand today and wanted me to help her walk .. wow!! i thought .. and she is only almost 8mths old. It was only a few weeks ago.. she learnt to crawl.. and sit up on her own.. and very quickly she learnt to pull herself up.

She is getting into everything and anything.. and she is truly our little explorer.. coming to visit us.. when we are in the kitchen.. and throwing her tantrums when things are taken away from her.

We see two lower middle teeth coming out.. they are pretty stubborn i can tell.. and refuses to come out.. so it has been bugging her for the last few weeks.. but she has been our little trooper.. because we had to let our babysitter go.. due to various reasons.. so she goes to work with us now.. and has a little play area.. we did up for her.. with another set of toys.. playpen.. tv, dvd for her einstein movies.. we pretty up the area.. lay down a carpet… so that she can crawl around .. and have another exersaucer .. for her to bounce herself in.. if we are busy with customers.. but she doesn’t like to be left alone at all.. but with that little play area.. it is easier on mummy’s back.. because carrying her for a few hours.. is certainly no fun.. now mummy can relax.. when chloe goes down for her nap.. 🙂

Chloe is growing so fast.. and learning so quickly .. she even knows how to clap her hands now.. 🙂 And i do teach her some chinese and cantonese words.. so she knows wat bao bao means.. and pai pai soh means.. 🙂 In the meantime, i am gonna strive and hope that some of my asian tradition will prevail.

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