Bad Nite

Last nite was the worst nite we ever had with Chloe.. she went to bed at about 9pm… but got up at 1am.. and didn’t wanna go back to sleep.. we would rock her.. and she would fall asleep on us.. but as soon as you put her down.. she would wake up again. And this went on.. for a few hours.. and she finally went down to bed at 5am .. this morning. Her poor da-da and I.. didn’t get much sleep.. so we are like sombie today… plus chloe got up at 9am.. this morning.. and didn’t go for a nap.. till almost 1.30pm.. *sigh* I really hope tonite.. ain’t gonna be the same *keeping my fingers crossed*

And last nite … i was wondering.. should we have trained chloe earlier.. to sleep on her own..??!!?? or are we just too .. mmmm… lenient on her.. therefore .. she have us twirl around her finger tips.

These days.. she wouldn’t let you outta her sight.. if you are near her.. she is good.. but as soon as you leave her in her own space..she would cry and scream for your attention.. till you pick her up. I really don’t mind it so much.. if i didn’t have hive… but because of my hive.. it’s driving me nuts. And plus i really have to tend to her.. when we are at the store.. because her da-da needs to work. So i really hope .. chloe would grow out of this phase really soon.. or we would have a real hard time training her to sleep and play on her own now.

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