I wished i wasn’t so tired from looking after Chloe.. I love Chloe to death.. but it’s so exhausting.. looking after her 24hrs a day.. plus when she doesn’t wanna sleep at nite.. or wakes up wee hours in the morning.. and refuses to go back to sleep.. and puke a couple of times during the day.. and fusses in the store.. when we have to work.. on top of all these… the store is busy.. so it makes a very tiring day for me.

I just wished i had more energy.. everyone who comes into the store.. just wannna stay and chat.. about something.. and then chloe would fuss even more.. because she feels left out. Or when i try feeding her.. and getting her to nap.. and inconsiderate customers would come and talk loudly to you .. or make alot of noise.. that really frustrates me. I wished i could tell them to go away.. and not take up too much of my time.. i have no time to hear stories about their life.. and wat their mother do or does.. or when their mother move or watever.. it’s too trivial.. and i have no time for small talk for those especially i don’t care for. And ppl who invite themselves into chloe’s area.. and not take off their shoes.. so .. so inconsiderate.. i sometimes just wanna scream at them.. and tell them to please think for chloe first.. afterall.. i really don’t need for them to visit us .. when we are at the store.. the store is for business.. and if they have no business.. they shouldn’t even come in… especially wrong timing and plus i still got my hives.. so you can imagine how uncomfy i was. I could smack them sometimes.

Anyhow.. we hired someone new today.. and i am hoping she would work out… coz’ i dont’ wanna lose a friend in her.. We are gonna try to be really, really patient with this new staff.

Keeping my fingers crossed .. all of my fingers i mean.. so you see how desperado i am..??!!??

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