Poor Da-da

Chloe did sleep last nite.. from 9pm.. but woke up several times in between .. till about 9.30pm.. she slept right up to 2.30am.. and then didn’t wanna go back to bed.. and as usual.. squirmed.. and farted alot..and cried alot.. 🙁

Her da-da brought her downstairs.. and dozed off snoring till the morning at 10.30am… UNBELIEVEABLE..!!

Poor da-da .. up with her the whole nite.. and chloe only went to bed at 4am.. and slept till 7am.. and woke up again.. and didn’t wanna go back to sleep.. usual farting and all.

Poor .. poor da-da.. 🙁 I can’t believed he let me sleep in so late.. poor thing.. 🙁

Now da-da is up napping for abit.. but we have a doctor’s appt at barrington for chloe at 2pm.. so we will have to leave at 1pm .. the latest.. so da-da is not gonna get much rest.. and have to drive and work tonite.. poor . .poor da-da.. 🙁

When Chloe grows up.. she better know wat kinda torture she make us go thru’.. hahhaha!! And luckily we have jenn our store manager.. who made the appt for chloe for dr mikhail.. how she managed to get in today.. is just amazing.. !! So chloe .. when you grow up .. you better thank Jenn too.. 🙂

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