Worst Nite Ever!!

Last nite was the worst nite ever .. with our baby chloe.. 🙁

She puked twice before 1am.. and another time at about 2am.. and she would cry and cry and cry.. and wouldn’t go to bed.. 🙁

It would almost seems like her tummy was sore .. that she cannot sleep on her tummy or her back.. she would be sound alseep on our shoulders.. but as soon as you put her down.. on her crib.. she starts crying.. 🙁

We were at a lost on wat to do .. *sigh*.. her da-da and i took turns to be with her.. and finally we were so exhausted.. from her puking.. and fussiness from the whole day.. that i had her sleep on me .. on the sofa.. she finally did fall asleep on me.. but would wake up squirming every 15mins or so.. and i had to pat her to sleep again.. and this went on till about 8am in the morning..and she refuses to stay down on the sofa with me.. so i got up.. gave her some milk.. hoping she would sleep again …. just a little more.. but she didn’t .. so by 9am.. i went up.. propped onto the bed.. and woke her da-da up.. and told him.. i can’t take it anymore.

So da-da woke up.. and stayed up with her.. and i got some rest till 12.30pm.. thank god we didn’t have to be at work till 5pm.. but today… i ain’t bringing her to work.. and if i can help it .. i ain’t bringing her to the store .. for a long time.

Hopefully .. tonite will be a better nite for us.. it’s so tiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!! I could kill to get a good nite sleep.

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