Yer a Good Mum… B U T ..

I asked my spouse what kinda mummy am I.. and he said.. yer a good mummy B U T ……… you let Chloe get away with too many things..!!!

I donch agree with that.. because i feel that Chloe is still young… and she isn’t like really BAD or anything.. just loves to “kachou” (disturb/donch leave me alone) me when i need to do housework.. or eat .. and have bad sleeping habits. I do let her get her way.. because sometimes .. i need to keep her quiet.. while daddy sleeps.. or just stay by her side.. when she watches a movie.. and i donch go on the puter.. when she is awake.. i try to spend as much time with her as possible.. and that in turn actually made her more dependent of me.. and never wanting to let go.. when mummy is awake.. i guess.

I do wish to have more time to do my stuff.. but at the expense of leaving my daughter .. on her own.. to play on her own.. for hours..?? i cannot do that.. i never done that before.. nor will i try in the future.. unless Chloe tells me.. i want my time to myself.

Even when she is quietly sitting watching TV on her own .. i go check on her at least a few times.. just to make sure.. she is alright.. and not up to some mischief. If she was sleeping in the living room.. i too would go and check on her alot of times.

So is that wrong..?? to be so protective..?? i donch think so.. ! And i dare anyone to tell me.. that i’m too protective..and doing it the wrong way… coz’ it’s the way .. i’m comfortable with. So does it mean.. that i made her this way..?? make chloe think that she can get away with anything with mummy..?? i really donch think so.

Sure i let her get away with some stuff… but not all the stuff…. and she really isn’t terrible.. and she is just a baby. So if i do let her get away with stuff.. does it make me a bad mummy..???

That led me to tell you the story about .. Did i make my daughter sick..?? in my earlier post. Because of what daddy said… i tried to be firmed with her .. one nite.. and she came down with a temperature…… so it’s daddy’s fault..!! hahahahhahahah!! blame it all on daddy…!!

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