An Angel Awaiting Heaven

My spouse’s godfather, Roy, who also happen to be my MIL’s youngest brother.. the baby of the family of 9 siblings…passed away yesterday morning of heart attack.
We knew he was hospitalised a few days ago.. but we didn’t think it was that serious to render us to worry about him.
Apparently, Roy had told my MIL that he didn’t feel that bad for them to go up to Campbleton in New Brunswick, an 8hrs drive on a good day to visit him in the hospital, therefore when news arrived that he passed away this morning.. i was taken aback.. and in fact very sad.
I have never really gotten to know Roy personally .. but he had always been nice to us.. and i had hope that Chloe will get to know him better.
I feel extremely emotional about it.. because Roy was very young.. he must be in his early 50s. I donch think he expected to go so soon either. He is survived by his wife, Carmen, and three sons, Mario, Richard and Troy.
My MIL is leaving for Campelton first thing in the morning and will be returning with Roy’s body on Wednesday, as he wished to be buried here in Hectanooga.
We await to pay our last respect on Wednesday to a good man.. ! a likeable man..! a good husband and father.. and a most of all .. a good brother to all his other siblings here and the godfather to my spouse… and a Granduncle to my daughter .. Chloe .. who will never know this man intimately.
God bless his soul.. as the angels await .. to welcome another angel into heaven.

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