Big & Bigger BoK Choi

This is me and my spouse…. when we first met in Canada in 2000 December. We had an online relationship for 6 years before i came to visit him during Christmas – 15 December 2000. He flew out to Toronto to meet me. And we stayed at the Hyatt in Toronto before coming home to Yarmouth, NS to meet his family.
One person who made a lasting impression on me was Sandra Killam, my spouse’s aunt. When i first met her.. i had wanted to give her a handshake.. but nope.. she wouldn’t have it.. she gave me a HUGE hug..!! And Sandra has always been in my good books ever since.
If you notice the store was not even full with inventory yet, my spouse had just started the business not too long ago… he was therefore unable to come visit me first in Singapore like we had planned because he had bought out his partner after opening the business for 6 months for 10K. Compared to then.. the store is so full .. we have no space to put more stuff into it.

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