Canada’s Day

Yesterday was Canada’s Day and it has always been one of the store’s busiest day for selling fireworks and glowsticks. As usual.. my spouse and I have to make sacrifices to be at the store for at least 10 hours of the 11 hours of operation time.
This year unfortunately, because we do not have enough staff…. it was more hectic for us. On top of it.. my MIL couldn’t come and help us with Chloe .. because of a death in the family. Poor Chloe had to be shuttled to and fro the store, so that my employees can get some help with us around.. to look out for theft and the crowd.
This year’s Canada’s Day will mark the many years of memories and anniversaries of the passing away of Roy – Godfather to my spouse.
My spouse asked me .. where i wanted to be buried in the event of my death.. ?? i told him here in Yarmouth.. because i need to be close to my daughter.

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