Postage Time

I think it is really fun to be able to give a gift.. to someone.. and make someone happy. And it donch even have to be something expensive.. and i’m very sure.. that my fellow bloggers, Stef from Da*Xiang and Gracie from Bochup’s Blog turn g/fs .. and in the case of Reid from Ono Kine Grindz .. b/f .. they all do not expect anything at all in return for all their kindness shown to me.. and to chloe especially.
So besides the postcard and flower seeds i am sending to those who had mail Chloe a postcard or postcards.. these are some of the things i bought to send to a few more bloggers.

Raspberry Vinaigrette & Maple Syrup Cookies for Stef and Reid. This i will send it out on Thursday. And butter chicken curry sauce & Honey Garlic Sauce for Gracie and Maple Syrup for Sheela as well.
PS: – Wait..!! i have everyone’s addy except Sheela’s.. ??!!???

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