I had just finished changing Chloe’s diaper.. and needed to replenish them onto her changing table. While opening the closet door to get Chloe’s diaper.. Chloe found a 10cents coin .. and picked it up. Afraid that she was gonna put it in her mouth.. i quickly asked her to give it to me.. in which she promptly put the coin into her minnie mouse coin box that was sitting in the closet. She then took out her coin box.. and brought it into the computer room.. laid it on the floor nicely… and pulled me towards.. the coin container .. that is on her daddy’s computer desk.. indicating that she wanted the coins in it. I don’t know how she knows that .. the container contains coins… but she did which suprised me. As soon as i gave her the coins.. she ran and placed them into her coin box again.
What a Smartie Pants..!! but do not wanna say a word still..!!!

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