Timing Is Everything

As a mother of a young child, all mummys have to agree with me.. that timing is everything..! Timing to go take a shower.. to take a pee.. and especially to take a poop… because your young child just would not let you outta his/her sight.
Never mind if daddy is around.. she don’t care about that.. all she wants is mummy. So timing is very essential to me.
With Chloe .. even when i bath.. she would be on the floor outside the bathroom door.. and trying to peep underneath the door. Now when daddy baths.. even when you lead her to the door.. and tell her to peep.. she do not wanna “layang” you. If daddy wanna pee.. so what.. ???!!?? He can go pee or go do whatever he wants.. no “layang”. Now if mummy wants to pee……. ahhhhhhhhh… you will see the difference.. the crying.. and the not allowing mummy to walk into the bathroom… and then daddy have to come drag her away… and carry her away. And then she would be screaming her lungs out.
So yes… timing is everything..! as soon as chloe takes a nap.. it’s time to charge into the bathroom.

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