When i Think Of The Good Times …

The bad ones comes along – have you heard of that before? hahah!! FB is a fantastic social networking tool – I’ll have to tell you. A few months ago, I not only found my childhood friend on FB by accident – just a few days ago – I found a cousin on FB. I also talk with my god-daughters on FB – although I’m not always on FB these days. But yes! i thought of connecting with my cousin – from my dad’s side of the family – but when I think of the good times we had as kids – the bad ones comes along as an adult. You see we were never closed – in fact the only memory of my cousins were when my grandmother was still alive and they would come visit my grandmother.

My cousins father was a meant man till he lost all his money in gambling. When he was broke – my mother came to his aid – and I still don’t understand why she did it – because we could ill-afford to help anyone. Anyhow – I gave it a lot of thought – and decided not to re-connect with them – and let old ties die there – afterall, I have my mother’s side of the family I’m closed with – so I’m not gonna dwell on the past.

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