Farewell, Mrs Lee

As I sit and watch the video on the eulogies read by Mrs Lee’s family and then the one by MM Lee and his farewell – when they were saying their last goodbye – MM Lee kissed Mrs Lee twice before moving away from the coffin sadly – it really touched me deeply. How many can have a relationship like our MM Lee and Mrs Lee? I envy and I feel really, really sad for MM Lee – must be a huge lost to him – losing his confidante, counsel and life-long partner.

Mrs Lee was an extraordinary woman – I don’t think a lot of woman today – can measure up to her. Like MM Lee said without Mrs Lee – he wouldn’t be the man he is today – and maybe, just maybe – Singapore wouldn’t be where it is today either. But what i respect most – was how Mrs Lee not only held her own career, helped MM Lee and still was the best mother and grandmother for her family and even took care of our present PM’s kids when their mother past away.

I reflect on my own relationship – and even though I am not in Singapore – and migrated to Canada for more than 10 years now – I still keep a very close eye and tab on what’s going on in Singapore. I love my Singapore and I don’t want to give up my citizenship if I can help it. There are lots of one can learn from Mrs Lee and one of them is “quiet”. Yes ! I have to learn to be “quiet”. Farewell, Mrs Lee – you will always be my inspiration and I will always remember you.

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