More Friends Found On FB

Like I said before Facebook is a pretty awesome thing – you can find some people that you’ve known in the past and get in touch with them again. But do all of us wanna get in touch with the past? I saw some of my church friends on FB a few days ago – from during my teenage years and was tempted to get in contact with them again. But after reading their profile I decided not to – because they are still very strong in going to church and every word that comes out from there mouth would be – “Praise the Lord!”. Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against people attending church and all and I do believe in God. But i’m not the same person I was some 30 yrs ago – and follow the word and His way that much.

There are just some things in the past – that are better left in the past – like I once said. My so-called “bestie” from church some 30 yrs ago – moved to Ohio – and when i asked her which part of Ohio – she replied “ohio” – and she never once wrote to me – when she was there. So I’m guessing although I treated her like a “bestie” she didn’t feel the same for me when i was a kid. So should I write her a message? will she think that i’m stalking her? hahahahha!!! nah ! i rather not stalk anyone – just knowing that they are well is good enough for me eh.

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