Migrating To Canada? Check Out The Weather!

Brrrrr..!! it’s cold out there today! it’s not even the end of November yet and it already feels like the winter! Yes! every year – I don’t know how I survived such horrid weather – it’s so cold that even with the heat on in the entire store – my hands are still cold and I need a little heater below my desk.

And power or oil or even wood is just as expensive – to heat the house or the store – during the winter. Alot of folks cannot afford to heat the house to keep their children warm – and to feed them at the same time. Winter can be harsh and long here in Canada – sometimes we are snowed in for days – sometimes there is no power for days. So if you are thinking of migrating – make sure you can withstand the harsh weather here before you move away fromt he comforts of your home.

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