How To Get A 6 Months Visa Into Canada?

I’ve been asked many a times – how do one get thru’ custom and get your 6 months chop on your passport without any trouble. So when i received an email this morning from a fellow Singaporean – i decided to write it out here instead. First of all, don’t go to the embassy and tell them you are staying for 6 months – as soon as you do that – they might send in the information to Canadian custom to look out for you ( i think they are required by law to do so). Canadian custom frown upon people who are planning to stay this long. But having said that Canadian custom are not evil – they are just doing their job and don’t want over stayers and people who intend to stay in Canada illegally or work here illegally.

So here is what you do – if you want to enter into Canada without any problems and be granted a 6 months visit legally. You have to have enough cash with you – you have to tell them you have family and friends and a job waiting for you back home. You have to have a return ticket – showing when you are going home – but note – that you should not have your air ticket printing it 6 months from your date of arrival. Always buy a ticket that allows you to change your date of flight – that way – you can book for 2 months from date of arrival and then change it when you arrive and have gotten your 6 months visa.

If possible – bring a business card with you if you are working – if you are still in school – make sure you have school papers showing when you are supposed to be back for school. The whole idea is to show them that you have no intention of staying longer than you should – and that you are just here for a visit and sightseeing around Canada. And by the way – if you are coming to Canada in February – it is the coldest month here – make sure you are dressed warmly. Do not spend a lot of money buying winter clothes in Singapore – safe your money and buy one when you arrive – in the meantime – just buy something as warm as you can in Singapore. I hope the above helps – and like I said before – i never had any trouble with immigration Canada – and you shouldn’t too – because Immigration Canada is not out to get you – they are only out to get those who have ill intentions.

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