I don’t have many friends and those whom I called friends are those who’ve known me for a long time and treasure me and accepts me for who I am. My rule for any friendship is I would never ask to borrow any money from my friends if i treasured their friendship – now would i take my friends for granted. But my friends need to back off and give me space when I need it. Even though I am very talkative – truth be told I’m a very private person – Chloe and PB are the most important people in my life – and of course, I have good friends that I’ve known for many years. It’s hard to be my friend – because I’m quite picky.

In my 11 years in Canada – I’ve gathered a group of friends – and these people are truly good to not only me – but Chloe and PB as well. They care for us unconditionally and remembers all our special dates and days – they are there for us – if we needed a helping hand – or a warm home to stay in – if we get power outages. I’m happy with my friends and the family I have – what about you?

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