Growing Up

I watched these twins grow up at our store – they are such delightful girls even when they were much younger. I remembered both of them telling me that they wanna come work at our store when they grow up – so cute! I met them yesterday during the Multi-cultural fest at the hotel and they were manning a counter for tickets to U2. And like usual – the 2 gals – they are twins were as lovely and polite as ever. When I see them I think of our old babysitter for Chloe and I feel a intense sadness rushed into me. You see I watched her grow up too – like these girls and I know that growing up can sometimes be hard and tough – but when I think of my old friend – I cannot but feel a sense of sadness.

I asked PB why some kids turn out the way they are while others turned out so well? Is it the parenting ? or the friends they are with – and PB said it is mostly the friends they are with. I watched my friend’s kids grow up with us – seeing that she haven’t finished her studies yet – or do what she said she was going to do for years – just makes me feel sad. She had so much going for her – because she was definitely a good looking and intelligent gal – so what happened? what went wrong? so why all the stories? all the fibbing? it didn’t do anyone real harm for now – but in the future as she grows older and the lies and stories become more intense – someone is going to end up hurt and wanna hurt her in return. We’ve all been teenagers before, and we have gone thru’ a certain amount of being shitty but it’s really sad to see my friend’s kids turn out this way – and now I fear for my own Chloe and hoping she isn’t going to mix with the wrong company – yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, you know what i mean right?

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