The Birthday Boy! My Ex-Boss

My ex-boss was from Greece but migrated to Spain because he fell in love with a lovely woman from Spain – and I do keep in touch with him – because he treated me really well – during the 3 yrs I worked with him. He was always fair to me – and never treated me like an employee and I had the same benefits as the engineers in our company. From traveling to expenditures – I was able to claim just about anything the engineers claimed. His birthday is round the corner and I know he like cigars for he always gets a box when he flies from one place to another for work – I’ve never seen someone who knows so much about cigars like him. My ex-boss – dear Mr Hernandez is turning 70 this year and I am going to get him some middleton black and mild cigars this year for his birthday, I hope he likes it and why try to stop the man at this age from enjoying something he liked so much right? And I do like the smell of cigar as compared to regular cigarettes. Happy birthday! Mr Hernandez.

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