Umbrellas Don’t Work Here

It had been raining a lot here – and for years, we’ve tried all sorts of umbrellas but they don’t work – because PB gets all upset – that the umbrella is just not strong enough for the wind and he claims that it gets blown away. So for years, we haven’t really bought any umbrella except for the few that we’ve had sparingly – that always end up somewhere – like the garbage in the basement. So the other day, I saw some very cheap rain coat from the dollar store and picked one up for her because I saw one of her school friend wearing it. Chloe liked it a lot and it did the trick to shield her away from the water – while walking into school from the car. As for PB – it was so cheap – he didn’t really protest – because to him – little rain is nothing – but he doesn’t know that it’s so irritating to be wet. Yes! he rather get wet than to wear a rain coat.

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