A Collection Of Jewelry

My love for jewelry started when I was very young – I think it was my grandmother who actually got me interested in jewelry and when I was young and visiting my grandmother – she would take out her jewelry to show me. My great-grandmother who loved my sister so much – left her a ring – on her deathbed – so you see how we all got started young with loving our diamonds and gold. My grandmother also kept most of her jewelry at home therefore, she had all her jewelry insured – even an engagement ring insurance – that’s to tell you how early she started with buying insurance for all her jewelry. Being a Peranakan – descendants of Malay and Indonesia – they have exquisite jewelries – it’s too bad that my mother didn’t get left with a lot of her jewelry since she was the oldest amongst her siblings. But because of generations of love for jewelry – I too develop a love for them and passing on the tradition to my daughter.

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