Studying In Canada

So someone wrote to me the other day – about sending her kids to Canada to finish their studies – and wants my opinion about it. In which my reply was – that if they do send their kids here – they will fair a lot better than most Canadian kids because foreign kids are much more competitive than our Canadian students. The teachers in Canada loved exchange students and they in turn learned about other cultures and also the different weather – if they come from Malaysia, Singapore of even Indonesia. Here in this town, we see lots of foreign students but sad to say – they are not as exposed as they should be.

So before sending your kids here – make sure you get them to the right school – the right area – a lot of kids do not like to be in small town – and they have no choice – after coming here – because they have nothing to do once school is over. If you are seriously thinking of sending your kids here to finish their high school – check out both Halifax area – as well as Vancouver – I know you have to pay a little more – but I think your kids will be more accustomed to that area instead of places like a small town. If you can – try to make sure that you go and visit the place before sending your kids here with just a brochure – brochures are meant to lie.

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