If You Don’t Like Something

Someone very wise told me a month ago – that if I didn’t like something, change it. Life is too short – live life to your fullest – do things you love and don’t waste time over-analyzing and I took his advice. My life is here in Canada – there is no going back and there is no way – I’m going to take care of others before my own family. Once that was settled, I knew exactly what I had to do. And I also learned that everyone have their bragging rights and if you don’t like it – then I can choose not to listen and walk away – the same for those who don’t like to hear me.

Yes! I’m very blessed! I’ve got a good spouse and an awesome and funny daughter, I haven’t “really” worked since I came to Canada and I loved what i do online – and I’ve good advertisers who look out for me and my friends often. My health is getting better everyday and I’m spending time with Chloe and able to do things with her more than I did before. Plus, we have good business acumen and do not have to worry about our daily expenses. What more can I asked for right?

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