Guitar Lessons For Chloe

So we were up in the city a few weeks ago – and had seen all these guitars for sale – and Chloe had asked for one as well – but she already has one – that her ex-babysitter’s father bought for her one year for Christmas. Once in a while she would strum on it and try to make music out of it – but refuses to go for lessons to learn how to play the guitar for real. So I told her that when she decides that she really wants to learn guitar or learn to play it for real – and not for the fun and strumming it and making noises – we will get her a proper guitar for the guitars that we saw on sale weren’t cheap at all. Like we all know that kids can’t really decide on what they really want for now – and unless she is learning how to play classical guitar – I doubt she can play the guitar without the nylon strings – the other type of strings are just too hard on the fingers even for me. I’m all for music lessons – but knowing the brat of mine – she would probably give up after a few lessons – so for now – we’ll just have to play by ear.

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