The Obedient Wives’ Club

First of all – I’m glad I’m not a Muslim in Malaysia and after you’ve watched the above ridiculous news – you will know why and understand where I’m coming from. To think that in this age and time – there are women who would believed and follow such a ridiculous order – now that is crazy ! how backwards is that? No marriage can survive a polygamy marriage – like PB said – one woman in the household is already a headache – to have more than 1 woman – that’s just asking for trouble.

But to think that one would enter a marriage to be very, very obedient to their husband/spouse? what? you mean you are a dog? or worst – a slave? we don’t even use the word “obedient” for raising our kids – these days – so why would a marriage have the word “obedient” in it? Shouldn’t a marriage be of a equal partnership? a life together ? what a pity – to be completely obedient was what the bride said in the youtube video.

So what does this complete obedience comprised of? to fulfill his every need and desire – so said the buck -teeth woman – to sexually please him better than a first class prostitute? * raised eyebrows* – so now to be a Muslim wife you have to be better than a first class prostitute? what a way to compare yourself to a prostitute? are you sure you want your husband to treat you like one too? since you behave like one? does it also mean that you can service his friends/business associates in bed too – afterall, you are better than a first class prostitute – and also full obedience needed in this case right? Isn’t that why the Obedient wives club is all about? Afterall, you don’t want your husband to stray out of matrimony – but it’s ok for him to have up to 4 other woman in his life – for wives? holy moly !!! all the fluids passed in between wife one – wife number four during the various days he is served by his wives – mannnn!!! that cannot be too healthy can it?

Now what baffled me most was this highly educated Muslim woman who grew up in Western Australia!!!! now that one really, really stunt me – Mariana was her name – she is young and very pretty too – and to think that she would agree to be the 4th wife? What’s up with that right? holy moly! No disrespect, but I never wanted to marry an Asian – having seen what my mom had to go thru’ and how we were brought up – but of course, not all Asians are this way – but I wasn’t going to test it out. Thank you very much.

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