That Dreaded Call Came

It was still dark outside and rightly so – since it was only 6am – the phone rang – i didn’t want to pick it up because I knew what it meant and PB didn’t wake up from the ringing at all.  The next time it rang – I woke PB up to pick up the phone and yes, Grammie wasn’t going to make it – she was going.   PB’s aunts had called and  told him that they had taken out her drips because she was gurgling water out from her mouth and they didn’t think that it was going to help her.  The nurses figured it would be between 2 – 4hrs.  We called the father-in-law immediately to let him know and we got prepared to wake Chloe up and send her to school first before going to say goodbye to my mother-in-law.

Another call came at 8am and the hospital wouldn’t talk to me – PB was in the toiletttttttttttt!!!  and yes – by the time we called back – Grammie had left.   We sent Chloe to school and then we went to the hospital – Grammie laid there all still and her hands and fingers were turning black and so was her face.  The cancer had taken completely over – it was just so sad because she wasn’t ready for it and she was excited about her trip to New York this year and also wanting to get her first pension cheque.   I know she was worried for Chloe and rightly so because we didn’t know how Chloe would take the news.  We dreaded it.

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