Families Are Important

We just came home from an awesome wedding in Moncton, New Brunswick and met up with PB’s extended family – they were a lovely bunch of people.  This year we decided to go because Grammie is no longer with us – and I wished we had gone up to Moncton with her – in another wedding last year.  Little did we know that she was so sick and would have left us so soon.  Seeing PB’s extended family makes me realized more how important it is to be there for the family and know the extended family.   I’ve always thought that we would be taking care of our in-laws when they grow old and need help with their daily care but we didn’t get a chance to do it for grammie – and even though it had been only 5 months since she left – I still cannot believe that she is really gone forever.  So from now on – we will have to take care of grampie and buy all the  home care products  he will need in the future for him.  I’m proud of Grampie because he is holding up so well – he is staying strong and busy.  For those who have a chance to get to spend time and get to know their extended family – don’t take them for granted.

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