Visiting Grampie & Summer Gardening

We visited Grampie today even though we had loads of housework to do.  Firstly, because we were away for 2 weekends and secondly – we wanted to make sure he was alright.  It’s so strange not seeing Grammie around for the summer – I remembered how she was so worried about the garden one year – that even when I was in the hospital – she insisted on going back to help Grampie with the peas and getting the veggies ready for sale for the summer.

Grampie had hired someone to help him but of course, he is nothing like Grammie – afterall, Grammie and Grampie had their own momentum already after being married for so many years.

Grampie is doing the best he can – I’m hoping he will hang on – because people always say when you are marry for so long and one go first – the other tend to go soon too.  I’m so worried and as much as I  want to spend more time with Grampie – there is just so much work for us to do on our own too. *sigh*

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