A 100 Acres Land

The father-in-law has a 100 acres of land and he wants to donate land to charity  when he is no longer around – I think that is a very good idea don’t you?  But I doubt the rest of the family is going to think the same way.  But if that is his will, we have to make sure that it would be carried out.   We had asked him if he meant all the 100 acres or just some of his land and his reply is always the same, so I guess he is sober and sane right?  I like the idea even though some friends think that we are being too generous because some part of his land are lakeside land and I know he owns an island here too somewhere. But we don’t need the money nor do we have the time to take care of 100 acre of land, so why not do something good in this life right?  I’m all for it.

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