To The City To Help A Friend

We are heading up to the city to help a friend pick up some of her stuff from storage and had to cancel our BBQ that was planned because Chloe’s Godma Lynn was going to be in town.  But the way I see it, helping a friend is more important than a BBQ – plus Lynn would also understand.  Anyhow, this is Digby and the weekend is starting to look really good, the drive is thus good, we had taken gravel before we stopped to eat in Digby and this is a restaurant in Digby.  We will stay in the city for 2 nights and 3 days and then head back home before movie day.

I hope no one would be in the position that my girlfriend is currently in now – living out of a suitcase with nowhere to call her home.  I still cannot believed that her ex – can be so cruel as to leave her alone.  He is in for a huge surprise if he doesn’t do right by her soon.

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