Another First Without Grammie

First Halloween without Grammie – one of the many first *sigh*  – so sad but what can one do but to make sure we show our loved ones that we care for them.  But sometimes it is hard to visit because no proper food cooked for the kid in the evenings when we visit and no proper place to eat.  Plus sometimes Grampie is busy with his own stuff to do and cannot spend much time with Chloe when we visit – so it defeats the purpose when Chloe comes home and complains that she didn’t get to spend much time with Grampie now that Grammie isn’t around.  *sigh* but what can we do – we do try and I know Grampie is trying too – I guess he just don’t know how to play with Chloe yet – like Grammie did.  But he is trying and so is Richard.  She thought that Grampie was going to carve a pumpkin with her but in the end PB had to do it for Grampie was busy with other stuff.

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