Home Made Jam For Thanksgiving

So Thanksgiving is round the corner and I’m at a lost as what to get for her new teachers this year.  This year Chloe is in Grade 3 – she is in an upstairs class and everything is new with her even her teacher and her teacher’s aid.  I didn’t want to not give anything because we do what to give thanks to good teachers for our children right?  and in the end we decided on some home made jam made by Grampie – I thought that wasn’t too shabby.  Of course I paid grampie for the Jam and went home and gotten both PB and Chloe to decorate the Jam bottles but they didn’t do it the way I wanted them to.  So when Chloe went to bed that night I re-did the whole shaping up the bottles to make them look pretty.  So they are all ready for giving away to the teachers on Friday.

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