Birthday Gift From Grampie

$45 and she wants this doll – called Rubi – lucky for her Grampie and her Kai Mah wants to buy for her – but in the end, she didn’t want to use her Kai Mah “ang pow” money – so Grampie paid for it.   This year, Grampie had to pay all the money for her gifts because Grammie isn’t around anymore.  To me it’s not the money for buying things for Chloe, it’s more trying to let her know that things didn’t change much even though Grammie isn’t here anymore.  A month from today, it will be Grammie’s birthday – *sigh*  – this will be the first we are not celebrating with Grammie – sad.  But Chloe had a great birthday, Uncle Lloyd and Grampie came – the rest of Grammie sisters didn’t come.

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