She Confuses Me

Yes! this is exactly the state I am in with Chloe’s teacher – she does confused me.  Why?  well, the other day, I had sent a message with the TA – to ask her to speak with Chloe about another student who might be accidentally hitting Chloe during line up if he was not careful.  Sure it wasn’t a big deal, some tolerance is required to be learned by Chloe at some point in her everyday life.  But it was because I had checked with Chloe if her home room teacher had been checking if she was doing alright in class, that I found out that she haven’t done so for some time now, that I had gently reminded her home room teacher to speak with Chloe.

So anyhow, I got a call from her the same day when Chloe got home, and she told me that she had indeed spoken to Chloe which I was grateful for but she wanted to remind me to back off – so that Chloe can speak up for herself (which was quite alright)  but it was the next question that she asked me that confused me.  She asked if I was ok sending chloe to school on her own *  roll eyes*  At the back of my mind – i went huh???!!!???  where was that coming from and where was she going ???  confused right?  if i wasn’t ok with chloe going to school can I go sit in class with her?  if i wasn’t ok – what can I do? or what does she wants to do?

Yes !  what a confusing question right?  anyhow, I’ve decided to let PB take the lead from now on but when the important issues with Chloe – who is my daughter – I’m still gonna speak right up – no teachers or principal is gonna stop me from keeping my kid safe.

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