Crazy Hair Day & A Very Prim & Proper Gal

It’s crazy hair day today and although the brat wants to do something with her hair, she is so prim and proper and wouldn’t really let me make her hair really crazy *sigh*  – she is so conscious of her appearance and worries about how people might think of her which she shouldn’t for a 9 yrs old.

She is just growing up too fast and too quick and thinking of all sorts of things – and has all sorts of questions for me – from boobies to how a baby is born and kissing – but I guess those are only normal for a growing kid – but I wished I can slow her down but with school and other kids – well, you know how it is.

Which reminds me about a dear old friend back in Singapore – I had told him about how curious my older brother was when we were growing up and he told me then that it was only normal.  At that time, I thought he was crazy too – but little did I know that he was a lot more learned that I.  Ahhhh..!!! wished i had parents who were more informed then.  So hopefully, with Chloe we can do the right thing since Grammie isn’t around to help out – I have to rely on my girlfriends with kids and more experience to help me out on that.

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