Education In The West

I don’t know about United States but here in Canada I realized that kids do learn a lot more than we did when I was Chloe’s age.  When I was in school, we were told to memorize and to do formulas without really understanding the basics or having fun at it.  Chloe loves school because she is given a chance to be creative and explore where else back home, we just had to keep up.  There was really no fun in school for me at all during Chloe age, it was do or get caned.  So I’m really pleased that Chloe is learning with fun, she was able to come back and tell us stuff that even I don’t know – like Canada’s history – for example – Africville.  Yes! silly me ! i thought she was talking about the Smurfs when she asked me if I knew about Africville – since I said mummy knows everything – so she caught me there – mannnn!!!  these days kids are so smart !

While friends told me that they return home and have no regrets, I think I’m staying in Canada because I really don’t think Chloe would learn with so much fun if she was back home in Singapore.

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