March Break

Well, March break is almost over and we survived it – wished my leg didn’t hurt so bad when we were up in Halifax though – that suck big time and to think that I didn’t think of taking some muscle relaxant was really stupid of me.  I think it was probably trying to accommodate everyone, from PB, Chloe and my g/f who went with us that took a toil on me. But Chloe had a good time although I wished I had more time with her, the next time we go up to the city, it has to be only 3 of us and no one else – so that I don’t have to try and please everyone or worry about PB being bored or anything of that sort.  Don’t get me wrong, we loved to have our g/f with us but I just worry too much about everyone and trying to make everyone feel comfy that I had forgotten about myself, so yes, the next time, it has to be only us 3.

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