Electronic Games & Kids

I’m glad that my kid is not into electronic games that much that she won’t do anything else.  Chloe loves the outdoors, drawing, sewing, reading, watching tv but every now and then she wants her electronic games too.  From Skylanders to Lego Batman and Lego StarWars, so the  rechargeable batteries aa  is a necessity in our home.

I don’t know about other parents but I prefer Chloe to be outdoors playing or doing something creative, I’m not too happy when she is indoors watching tv all the time or playing games on the tv with PB.  But when you have a store full of games for you to pick from and a gamer dad, I feel that I am not doing a bad job with Chloe.

So how much electronic game time is good for your kids?  I say depending on your kids, for me no more than 30 mins a day – but most times, Chloe doesn’t play her electronic games except to keep her dad company or to do something with daddy on weekends.

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