She Understands More Than We Think

Chloe is 9 years old and although she can be quite naughty at times, I’ll have to say that she can understand more than we care to give her credit for.  I told her I had lots of work to do this week and that she had to let me work and she tried very hard not to disturb me at work or at home, although at times, she still wants to play with me but that is understandable – she is afterall, still a kid.

And when my g/f was in a bad place, she knew enough not to let her pay for meals when we go out for food together, and she also knows how to comfort my g/f and called her ex – DS – for  Deep Shit because she cannot say “deep shit” per se as it is a bad word to her.  Yes, at 9 yrs old she seems a lot older at times and understand more than a lot of kids her age but I guess that’s because we tell her more than we should too.  We try not to keep secrets from her – that way when mummy needs to comfort an Auntie or help an Uncle she understands.

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