I’m not good with farewells, so I try not to say them not even to a very good friend from Peru who is moving to Ottawa in a few days.  So I said see you soon – that way it wouldn’t be too sad for all of us.  I’ve come to know Jackie thru’ our kids – the girls attend the same school but Jackie was shy and rarely spoke to me till the kids went swimming at the YMCA.

After Chantal was born, we became really good friends but alas, they had to leave for Ottawa – so sad !  But I guess they would be having a better place to stay in and more to do in Ottawa and I’m really happy for them.  But farewells are too sad – and we will miss them terribly especially Chloe with Layla because Layla is such a good kid – I wished they had a chance to grow up together.

But no worries – I’m sure we will always be friends wherever they may end up.  We love you Jackie, Layla and Shantal.

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