Fruit Season For Chloe’s Class

Yes, it is that time of the year again – fruit season at the Wallace Brother’s Apple Farm in Port Maitland.  And since we know Andy and his wife so well, they are such special people to Grammie when she was alive, we try to keep the tradition going even though Grammie is not with us anymore.  This year we started late as we had so many things going on in the store and at home.  Apples are for Chloe’s little friends.

And pears for the teachers as well as PSA.   It is common for us Asian mothers to bring fruits and other things for the Chloe’s classmates and teachers because they are so good to Chloe in every way.  I hope I can still get some plums for the teachers and kids this year.  Next week, the Macintosh apples are going to be ready for picking, so we will be heading out to the Apple Farm on Sunday to pick apples for the class and teachers again.  We usually bring in a few rounds of fruits till the end of the season.

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