I Feel Bad For You Mom !

My ! my !!  I have a really good kid !  why?  yesterday was anti-bullying day and usually the school will take the kids out for a walk with their pink clothing.  Usually, they take the route to downtown but this year they took another route.  Yesterday morning, Chloe had asked if I was giving out candies in which I had replied – nope.  And Chloe said to me “Ohhhhh ! i wished you were”  and I didn’t reply at all.

So happily we sent her to school and before sending her lunch to school, we had gone to Bulk Barn to see if I can find any pink candies but there were none to be found that are individually wrapped.  So we bought these rockets to give out to the entire school, if they were to take their walk downtown.  But the school took a different route, so we still have the candies and when Chloe came back from school, she explained to me that they had walked a different route but she was thinking of me – and said to herself :  ” Oh ! I feel so bad for my mom now!” hahahhahaha!!  so cute right?  and of course, I asked her – “how did you know I was giving out candies? because I had already said no ??”  And her reply?  I know you Mom!  you always try to do nice things for the everyone!  lol !  oh my!  she is truly my daughter!  She just cracked me up!

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