Health Insurance For Kids

The amusing thing about becoming a parent is we become a lot more responsible and we always think ahead for our kids and I have to say that PB is on the same page with me and i’m grateful,  While health care is mostly free here, it is not so for special surgery or special medication.  I learned very quickly because I’m a diabetic and the amount of money we had to spend for my medication during the first year was incredible.  Luckily, I have health insurance from home that pays for all my medication here in Canada, my provider is just like the ones that the people in NC uses, the greensboro health insurance .  Had it not been my health insurance from home, we can be in very huge trouble, therefore, we bought health insurance for Chloe as well.  Buying health insurance for her now ensures that her premium stays as low as possible.  So if you haven’t bought health insurance for your kids, think about it, providers like Blue Cross are very  helpful.

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