I Love My New Neighbors !!!

They are awesome!!!!  Now I have great neighbors on my right and on my left!  woohoo!! life at home cannot be any better now.  One of my neighbors who saw PB shoveling on a blizzard day shouted across the lawn to ask him to be careful on the roads because she heard they were nasty on the radio.  Now tell me how can you not love neighbors like that right?  No, we don’t chit chat like we are old friends most of the time, but when the big stuff is concern, they do show that they care and it really touches my heart when they do that.

My new neighbor is quiet and that is awesome !  they let the kids play and make noise and they never complain at all.  They don’t have dogs or cats running around our lawn and pooping all over.  They are just wonderful !!!!  the way they are.  No trouble, no worries about anything because all my neighbors are great ppl now.  Thank you, Lord!  This is the first thing that is going into my gratitude bottle of 2014.

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