Absolutely Touched !

A long time customer and her family came to visit us at the store with her daughter’s daughter.  Yes !  of course, I’m touched!  they said they came to visit because they thought I might like to meet the baby.  Now tell me you are not touched!  I loved children, especially children of children that have grown up with me at the store.

They were but kids when I first met them and now they are adults and have their own children, now isn’t that sweet and beautiful.  Nothing is more beautiful than to see these kids grow up to be awesome adults and having their own awesome family.  Of course, their parents are pretty awesome people too but they have moved away and are only back to visit their parents who are still in this town.

And I’m but an owner by association to the spouse’s business whom they have met when they come to rent a movie or buy a game but they remembered me as the funny crazy Chinese woman who would dish out advice whether they wanted it or not.  But you see, these good kids are the ones who would laughed and nod at my every idiosyncrasies, all because they were taught by good parents to acknowledge even though they may not agree with what people say because our intentions are good.

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