Mrs Purdy Is Very Lucky

So apparently Chloe thinks that I’m not as lucky as Mrs Purdy (her principal’s wife) – why?  well, the other day she came home after her school’s assembly and said that Mr Purdy was so funny, telling them a joke during the assembly and that was when she thought Mrs Purdy is so lucky to have a funny husband.  hahahhaha!!!

Her dad being so grouchy all the time, I figured she must think I’m not so lucky hahhahaha!!  so I guess Chloe like men who are funny – ahhhh.. now we know – hahhhaa! the things kids say eh. The things kids observed and come to a deduction on their own only tells us how important it is to portray the right image to our kids.

So yes, her principal is doing a great job – that’s for sure, she has nothing but nice things to say about both Mr & Mrs Purdy!


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