Welcoming Spring

For years, I’ve wanted to get a bicycle to go riding and to exercise.  I’ve always loved biking when I was home some 14 yrs ago, we would go to East Coast parkway and rent a bike and ride on the beach front.  For those from home, you will know what I mean, the bike was for rental at $5 and you can ride as long as you want.  I loved it because I didn’t want to carry my bike in  my car and bring it all the way to the beach.

But over here in this town, it’s too small to have a bike rental service in the summer, in Miami – they also have bike rentals but of course, in Miami there is the beach too!  Anyhow, I’m going off topic again, I finally bought a bike, I shall take pictures of it soon for you and I’m absolutely stoke !  I can’t wait to go out for a ride with Chloe and PB, well, it’s more to keep Chloe company.

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