Christmas All Year Round


Yes!  it’s Christmas all year round for Chloe as usual.  Today, we received another package from her Godmother from Singapore.  Yes, a $90 postage box – what a lucky girl my daughter is right?  well, when you have a mom that is that popular, you can help but get presents from all over the world hahah!!


As usual, Chloe was so excited to open her box of goodies.


Toys and candies and all sorts from all over Asia.


Hello Kitty – limited edition from Japan.


The famous panda from China, Ling Ling ? – you see her Godmother travels a lot for pleasure and for business with her hubby.  So my Chloe gets all the goodies from godma of course!


Chloe wondering what these were.


Then she realized that they were pens from Universal Studio from Sentosa Island.


And not just one pen there were 9 different kinds at $4.90 each – so you can imagine how much her Godmother spent on pens alone for her !!!  $50 !!! in pens!!!!  tell me – how lucky my kid is!!!


Snacks from Japan or China?


And yummy candies from Chengdu – i believe.


And more cookies from Japan.  Chloe is super stoked and she knows that she is a lucky girl to have so many people to love her.  Thanks to her Godma Lina!  she is always so generous to her.  All the Ralph Lauren clothing that you see Chloe wearing are from her Godma Lina.

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